Lifestyle choices, improper footwear, and a number of other environmental factors can actually be responsible for a wide variety of the foot and ankle issues we see on a regular basis here at Synergy Foot and Ankle. By fitting you with customized ankle braces, we can help to correct problems with alignment or imbalance, giving us the opportunity to avoid more invasive, surgical corrections for the foot and ankle issues that are keeping you from truly living your life to the fullest.

If you’re interested in learning more about how custom ankle braces can benefit you and help you find relief from your foot and ankle problems, a member of our team is standing by and ready to help! Simply reach out to us at our McKinney location and set up your consultation today.

How Can Ankle Braces Help Me?

A high number of the issues that we see can be alleviated with relatively conservative methods if they’re addressed early on. During your consultation and exam, Dr. Tran will get to know the problems that brought you through our doors, and will work with you to explore the various treatment options you have available to you.

Ankle braces can be a great way of addressing issues like:

What’s the Process Like?

Believe it or not, our process for creating your custom ankle braces is quite simple. Over the years, we’ve refined our methods and are now pleased to offer this easy, three-step process that will see you enjoying your new ankle braces and getting on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Schedule a Consultation

Your consultation will include a biomechanical examination to determine the best orthotic option for you. Our staff has years of experience with foot and ankle issues, and we’ll be able to determine the best treatment plan for your specific issues.

Get Your Foot Digitally Scanned

Our digital scanners will precisely scan your foot and ankle. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the most cutting-edge equipment available and will use MRI and/or X-ray imaging to determine the best treatment plan.

Return For Your Final Fitting

When your brace arrives, our team will confirm its fit to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new brace. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments to make sure you’re doing well, and that your new brace is serving you properly.

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Discover Advanced Relief

Founded by Dr. Nam Tran, Synergy Foot and Ankle exists to provide you with a treatment plan that sees you saying goodbye to your pain and discomfort for good. Problems with the foot and ankle can be a frustrating and frightening fact of life, but they absolutely don’t have to be permanent. Here at Synergy Foot and Ankle, we work closely with our patients to learn everything we can about issues.

If you’re worried about foot and ankle problems keeping you from enjoying your life the way you deserve to, our talented team is here to help. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you end your foot and ankle pain, simply reach out to our office and set up your consultation today.

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